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A Complete Guide Phase 1 & Phase 2​

Electronic invoicing ( e-invoicing) will be rolled out in 2 Phases in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GoFatoorah ( ZATCA approved e-invoicing solution) makes this process smooth & hustle-free for its users.

Phase 1 (4th December 2021)

Phase 1 was effective from 4th December 2021, This phase mandated the generation of e-invoices, and e-notes, including provisions related to its processing, and record keeping.

Register your resident business with GoFatoorah

We provide bulk product upload i.e you don’t have to upload invoices one by one. Just upload all in one click and you are done.

GoFatoorah is ensuring its customer’s ease by providing full Arabic translation, you can have full access to the software in your official language, Arabic.

Phase 2 (1st January 2023)

Phase 2 will be effective from 1st January 2023. This is also called the integration phase. This phase mandates integration of the taxpayer’s system with the ZATCA along with transmission of e-invoices and e-notes and sharing them with ZATCA. Phase 2 will be in waves, the first wave will cover all the resident businesses with turnover of SAR3 Billion for the calender year 2021.

There is a specific format needed (i.e UBL-XML or PDF with embedded XML) for Phase 2 and our software will convert your electronic invoice into XML with a UUID (universally unique ID) that will be carrying a unique & specific number for each e-invoice and a number can be given only once to only one e-invoice.

 XML file will be sent into ZATCA’s system

Timestamping of XML file will be done by ZATCA

ZATCA sends back your XML file, all stamped & approved to us, and the process is completed

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Important points To Consider in Phase 2

The Important pinots taxpayers should consider in accordance to meet Phase 2 requirements.

  • Use a compliant e-invoicing solution with 2 phase requirements
    • ability to generate & store e-invoices in required formats
    • fulfilling all e-invoicing requirements
  • Integrate e-invoicing with ZATCA’s Fatoorah Portal