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What Will You Get In GOFATOORAH ?

Location Based Invoicing

Tailors billing to specific geographic regions or sites

Seamless ERP Integration

Either embed our API in an ERP or vice a versa

Workflow Approval

Automates and manages the approval process for Invoices

Insgihtful Reports

Valuable and in-depth information through different reports in Gofatoorah

Automatic Translation

Automatic translation from English to Arabic with Gofatoorah

Access Anywhere

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Our Cloud-Based System

Create Invoice

Setup Invoice Detail

Download Invoice

Create Your Invoice in Less than 2 Minutes

How GOFATOORAH Supercharges Your Business?

API Integeration

Integration through API with your existing system

CSV Files

Upload of e-invoice data through CSV file

Scanned Invoices

Scanned invoices upload

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,GOFATOORAH can be integerated with popular ERPs such as Oracle,SAP,Microsoft Dynamics,Quickbooks,Sage and Odoo etc.

Yes,GOFATOORAH is end to end compliant with the ZATCA regulations.

Some of the security features of GOFATOORAH are as follows:

  • Safeguarding of stamping key
  • Standard secure hashing algorithm
  • Safeguard against anonymous access
  • User session management
  • Safeguard against modification of invoices and related notes
  • Safeguard against resetting e-invoice counter and invoice time change
  • Customer Ageing Analysis
  • Revenue by customer
  • Revenue by product
  • Variance analysis
  • Credit note reports
  • Debit note reports

Data will be on the server based in KSA.

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