Gofatootarh Streamlining e-Invoicing Processes in KSA, Here’s How?

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Compliance is a challenging yet essential aspect of business operations. However, seeing the value in compliance activities can often be difficult. In the realm of invoicing, e-invoicing is often perceived as just another compliance requirement. Yet, there are exceptional cases where it proves to be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore one such case, where our client, a provider of geological and geophysical services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), discovered that e-invoicing was a blessing in disguise. Prior to December 4, 2021, their invoicing process involved manual work across 40+ locations. However, with the introduction of Go Fatoorah, they found the perfect solution provider. Let’s delve into the three problems they were able to solve through this system.

Problem 1: Lack of Invoice Approval

Streamlining Invoicing Processes: How E-Invoicing Transformed Our Client’s Operations in KSA

Tracking Managing invoice approvals manually posed a significant challenge for our client. To address this issue, we implemented a location and position-based invoice approval workflow through Go Fatoorah. Now, when an invoice is raised at a specific location, it automatically enters the workflow of the corresponding manager at that location. This ensures that all invoices undergo the necessary approvals before ZATCA-compliant printing.

Problem 2: Language Barrier – Preparing Invoices in Arabic

Streamlining Invoicing Processes: How E-Invoicing Transformed Our Client’s Operations in KSA

Given that not everyone on our client’s team is fluent in Arabic, preparing invoices in Arabic presented a major hurdle. However, Goes Fatoorah came to the rescue with its built-in automatic translation feature. This invaluable functionality eliminates the language barrier, enabling our client to effortlessly generate accurate and professional invoices in Arabic.

Problem 3: Segregation of Duties

Streamlining Invoicing Processes: How E-Invoicing Transformed Our Client’s Operations in KSA

Maintaining the segregation of duties throughout the invoice management value chain was a complex task for our client. Go Fatoorah provided a comprehensive solution by allowing different individuals to be assigned various tasks. From entering and editing customer data to managing price information, invoice creation, and approval, each responsibility can now be allocated separately. This not only streamlines the process but also establishes a robust internal control mechanism, ensuring accountability at every step.

If you are determined to elevate your invoice management to new heights, we invite you to book a demo to explore how to Go Fatoorah can assist you. Link Our solution offers an effective e-invoicing system tailored to address the key challenges businesses face in Saudi Arabia. Experience the benefits of streamlined processes, enhanced compliance, and improved efficiency by embracing e-invoicing with Go Fatoorah.