Phase 2 of ZATCA’s e-Invoice Developer SandBox is now live!

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A very important milestone is achieved by ZATCA through the launch of the Developer portal for Phase 2.


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) is pleased to announce the launch of the E-Invoicing Developer Portal (Sandbox). The Sandbox can be used to simulate the integration with ZATCA’s platform (Fatoora), view the API details, and verify the requirements of Phase Two (Integration Phase).

The portal can be reached through the following link:

Source: Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority


With this launch, companies now need to pace up their efforts for complying with Phase 2 requirements. If the journey hasn’t started yet, we recommend following the below decision points.

ZATCA e-invoice Phase 2 mind map

Key requirements for Phase 2 Integration

  • Previous invoice hash to be included within the subsequent electronic invoice or note document.
  • Invoice generation in XML Format
  • Universal Unique Identifier generation   
  • Management of Cryptographic stamp identifier for tax invoice
  • Generation of cryptographic stamp for simplified invoice
  • Inclusion of Cryptographic stamp in the QR Code
  • Invoice Counter
  • Sharing of Invoices with the E-Invoice portal in real-time for Electronic/Tax Invoice