ZATCA declares Wave 3 of phase 2 – Here are the 4 ways to get compliant!

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In a recent update on March 24th, 2023, ZATCA released a statement for the criteria of wave 3 of phase 2 (integration phase) that is mandatory to be integrated from 1st October 2023 for all the taxpayers whose revenues subject to VAT exceeded (250 million Saudi Riyals) during 2021 or 2022

ZATCA cleared that phase 2 (integration phase) will take place in waves & the relevant information of each wave will be announced at least 6 months before the integration date.

Phase 2 requires additional requirements, key amongst which are preparing an invoice in XML format and integrating it with ZATCA system.

Through our e-invoicing solution go fatoorah more than 13,000 invoices valuing SAR 650 million plus are processed. Companies falling under wave three can adopt one of the following 4 options to get compliant with phase II

  1. Getting access to our end to end invoice management solution with state of the art features
  2. Connecting with our system through an API
  3. Invoice data upload in CSV Format on our Platform
  4. Scanned Invoice Upload on our Platform

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